Data Services

Data and Network Services: The Engines That Drive Your Business

Your network is much more than a physical structure. Today, you rely on your network to keep you connected – whether consulting with colleagues, video conferencing with suppliers, or analyzing business intelligence.

AT&T is a network of intelligence that combines the world’s best technology and expertise to unlock the greater potential of governments, businesses, and individuals everywhere.

Emerging technologies and mobile applications are changing business processes and the way we communicate. Machines can now tell headquarters when they need refilling. Doctors can have immediate access to a patient’s medical history even when away from home. Your network can become a living, breathing intelligent system that helps you rethink how you run your businesses.

TM Telcomm and AT&T apply our people, expertise, and technology to bring our intelligent global network together with mobile access and devices, software, and applications to create a world of new possibilities for companies. Our network services can help build a reliable foundation on which emerging applications can be built.

Build your ideal network solution

Rapidly changing technology and a tough economy make it difficult to effectively manage and maintain your network. You need to be mobile, nimble, and work better while increasing efficiency. The broad range of network services offered by AT&T can build a reliable, scalable network that supports your communications needs.

Our network solutions support industry-leading business thinking and technology solutions. They work with your current infrastructure and allow for easy migration of applications. Our IP VPN services offer converged networking solutions, which help enable new application services, such as cloud and voice transformation.

You can mix and match services to build the most effective wired or wireless network for your company. The AT&T network services portfolio includes:

– End-to-end IP VPN service availability

– Metro, wide-area, and global Ethernet services

– Fast, efficient Internet connectivity for real-time access to applications

– Reliable, cost-effective ring service solutions tailored to your infrastructure

– Private line services

Work on the go

In today’s 24×7 business world, you’re as likely to be working on the road as in the office. But when you’re out of the office, you need the same access to your data, application, and voice services that you have at your desk. AT&T can help you design a network that provides access to the information you need to be productive almost anywhere – locally, nationally, or internationally – with a laptop, smartphone, or other network-ready device.

Help save time and money

Consolidating voice, data, and other communications tools on a single network not only allows your applications to work together but also makes it easier for the IT staff to manage them. This simplified management cuts operating costs by reducing the time needed to oversee the network. It also frees up your technology team to focus on high-priority projects that add value to your business.

Rely on our expertise

Years of networking experience provide us with the expertise to help our customers envision and create new solutions every day. Our presence, reach, and scale allows us to become the medium through which communities form. Our ability to leverage an unsurpassed set of partners (devices, developers, and services) helps our customers navigate a world of possibilities and pursue truly transformative business solutions.