Professional Services

At TM Telcomm our IT Department is your IT Department.


Savvy businesses understand the value of outsourcing to a top-tier IT professional services provider. That’s why you’ve come to TM Telcomm. You know your business and we know ours; IT and Telecommunications. Allow us to use our over 100 years of combined experience to give your business greater success by allowing our team to:


– Help your team address the more complex IT challenges which we can help you meet with

our customizable managed service offerings

– Provide seamless pre-sales, post-sales, and implementation support to ensure all of your

projects are completed quickly and with competence, from start to finish

– Act as a trusted advisor for everything from basic IP and voice service to complex IP PBX

Migrations to advanced network and security issues


TM Telcomm Professional Services allow your business to:

 – Customize your implementation. Our specialists allow us to deliver a solution that goes beyond our standard voice, IP, and Data offerings. Whether you need assistance assessing your current IT structure and topology or managing an intricate network implementation; we are here to make it as painless as possible.

– Migrate your IT infrastructure, applications, or data. Our technical expertise as well as project management experience means we can ease the transition to managed services under TM’s extensive breadth of offerings.

– Augment your staff with our expertise. We hire the very best, so you don’t have to.

Whether you need technical expertise for the short or long term, on-site, or for planning, implementation, and ongoing management; we have credentialed, highly experienced professionals that can help.

– Not worry about the IT portion of your business. Chances are, your business is not telecommunications. This means that you have more pressing things to worry about than if the phones and internet work and all that is associated with them. That is where we come in; we can help alleviate the pain and headaches of IT because this actually is our business.

At heart TM Telcomm is IT Consulting.

Every business faces its own unique challenges. But even the toughest and most complex of these can be successfully addressed with IT consulting, given the right experience and the appropriate credentials. TM Telcomm consultants have that experience and those credentials. Our Professional Services group is a dedicated cross-disciplinary team made up of hundreds of seasoned professionals. With extensive experience with deployment in North America, Latin America, The Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and Asia, TM Telcomm can absolutely customize a solution to meet the unique IT infrastructure, security, and networking needs of your organization.