IP PBX CallMax

CallMax is the ultimate solution for all of your corporate voice communications. CallMax delivers all the features and the functionality of a highly sophisticated PBX phone system, at a fraction of the cost of its traditional counterparts.Our hosted CallMax IP PBX solution gives your business the tools to improve customer relationships, increase employee efficiency and stay ahead of the competition, in addition to providing real savings on your monthly telecom cost.

Reliability and Quality: One Call on One Network!

IP PBX platform is a Cisco based, hosted solution that runs over the AT&T backbone, the best in the business. As CallMax is a hosted solution that resides in AT&T POPs, your business continuity is assured, regardless of any issue that may occur at your physical locations.

In addition, as the largest AT&T Remarketer, we have direct access to AT&T’s Industry leading communications infrastructure, guaranteeing crystal clear voice quality. The CallMax platform encompasses functionality, coupled with the best disaster recovery available in the market place today.

One Company; All Solutions

As an Authorized Remarketer, we are able to bring the AT&T High Speed Internet connections to this winning equation, to create a single connection, with the full array of the best IP PBX features and data connectivity.


The Dashboard is the CallMax trademark, displaying real-time user information directly on your PC. The Dashboard provides instant information, detailing which of your employees are available, who is on the phone, in meetings, etc. Everyone’s status can be monitored on the Dashboard, whether they are working from home, another office location or in a hotel room anywhere in the world, hence creating your virtual office.


When a call comes in the Dashboard immediately displays the status of the called party allowing the call to be directed the best way, instantly serving the needs of you client at his first call.


Combined with Voicemail to Email and Call Recording, your team will never miss an important call again.